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Special Donor Thanks

Every little bit helps!

Anything you can do will help us, even simply telling a friend about FindJeanine.com.

Send your contributions to the address listed below or use our Contribution Form to contact us regarding ways you can help.

Thanks to Our Donors

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed time, energy, effort, suggestions, money, and love towards finding Jeanine and bringing her home safely.

In addition, Jeanine's family would like to thank the following businesses for their generous contributions:

Adco Outdoor
Amdahl Corporation
Bank Of The West
Brittania Arms
C2 Design
Cisco Systems
ClearChannel Outdoor

Fujitsu Limited
Hurricane Electric
Kinko's Copies
Los Gatos Lions Club
Los Gatos Lodge

Manx Web Solutions
Rock Bottom Brewery

Extra Thanks To:

The heartfelt thanks of Jeanine's friends and family go out to ClearChannel Outdoor, the company who this month has donated the 45 illuminated bus shelter billboards, which you've probably seen while travelling in the greater San Jose Area.

Special thanks to Benjamin Scott, of the ClearChannel Public Affairs department, whose persistence helped make this extremely generous gesture a reality.

Become A FindJeanine Volunteer

Our volunteer effort is being coordinated by ChildQuest International. If you would like to become a formal "volunteer" click here to fill out our Volunteer form.

or contact ChildQuest directly at:

ChildQuest International
307 Orchard City Drive #108
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 287-4673
Contact Coordinator: Lindsey Brooks

As a volunteer you may be contacted by the Los Gatos Police Department whenever a volunteer opportunity is identified.

Making Contributions

Your contributions go towards supporting the various ongoing efforts we are making to keep Jeanine's cause in the public consciousness. Our best chance to be successful is to let as many people as possible aware of Jeanine's situation.

Contribution Details:

To make a contribution, please send a check or money order to:

Jeanine Sanchez-Harms Reward Fund

c/o Bank of the West
308 N. Santa Cruz Ave.
Los Gatos, CA. 95030
(Make your check payable to the Jeanine Sanchez - Harms Reward Fund)

or call (408) 354-6161

Account Information:
Account #: 005 049 254
Account Name: Craig Sanchez

Contributing On-line:

If you would prefer to talk to us before making any specific contribution click here to use our Contribution Inquiry form. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the contribution that is right for you.

Tell A Friend About FindJeanine.com

One of the best ways to increase our chances of finding Jeanine is to make more people aware of her and her situation. You can make a huge contribution by simply using our Tell A Friend form to alert some of your friends and acquaintances of our cause.

Click here to Tell a Friend about FindJeanine.com.

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