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Contact Los Gatos Police Form

The information you provide here will be sent directly to the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department.

Again, no information is insignificant regardless of its level of detail. You never know where the smallest detail may lead.

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to supply this information.

IMPORTANT: FindJeanine.com will NOT give your e-mail address to ANY third party - for ANY purpose. If you wish to receive updates concerning Jeanine's case you must check the box at the end of this form.

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General Information

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(Supply dates, times and locations where applicable. Provide details where possible.)
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Does your information involve a person?

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If you saw/know someone associated with the information your are
supplying please try to include as much of the following as possible.

Who did you see? (name)
When did you see them?
Where did you see them?
Why do you believe it was them?
What were they doing?
Where are they now?
Height: Weight:
Eye Color: Hair Color/Style:
Facial Hair (beard, mustache, etc.):
Other identifying characteristics (tatoos, etc.)
Clothing, Jewelry, Backpack:
Known Aliases:
Car (make, model, year):

Send me an e-mail when there are important updates about Jeanine's case.
(these updates will ONLY go to you, NOT the people on your Tell A Friend list)

That's it. Click the button below to send your information.

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