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Lax laws surround child kidnapping, molestation, and abuse: examining Anderson

By Shannon Haley, Publisher, The Woman's Voice

According to KOVR 13 News, Curtis Dean Anderson, convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a little Vallejo girl, says he is going to teach other inmates how to commit similar crimes. "I've been practicing for 30 years to teach the nuts with parole dates how to go do it and give them a list of where to go do it," Anderson said. MORE...  

Anderson’s victims

After going to jail for the kidnapping and molestation of Midsi Sanchez (right), Anderson admitted to the kidnap and murder of Xiana Fairchild of Vallejo (left), who had been missing for over a year. Sanchez outsmarted Curtis Dean Anderson and escaped after being kidnapped and imprisoned for two days. Midsi's testimony helped put Anderson back in prison.

The arraignment

Curtis Dean Anderson (right, above) and deputy public defender Mark Roelke during Anderson's arraignment for child kidnapping and molestation in August 2000.

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Jeanine Harms:
Missing for almost a year!

The investigation…
the wait… the pain

Georgette Sanchez,
mother of Jeanine Harms

By Shannon Haley,
Publisher, The Woman's Voice

In a distant, empty voice, speaking about the investigation of her daughter's whereabouts, Georgette
Sanchez said, "It feels like it is at a standstill. My daughter's birthday is June 10; she would be 43 this year. She will be missing one year on July 27, 2002."

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