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August 9, 2001

Hurricane Electric aids in search for Los Gatos woman

Hurricane Electric, a Fremont technical service provider with a San Jose location, has announced it will aid in the search for a missing Los Gatos woman by donating Web hosting to the Web site.

Jeanine Harms, 42, has been missing since July 27 after leaving the Rock Bottom Brewery in Campbell with a man she met at the restaurant. Her family and friends have continued the search by setting up, devoted to keeping the public informed of new leads, contributions and rewards for information.

Hurricane Electric was contacted by Ms. Harms' family members to host the site.

"We hope the Web site will expose more people to Jeanine's disappearance," says Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric. "Hopefully, someone visiting the site will have some information to add to the case that will ultimately help in finding her and bringing her back to safety."

On the Web site, family members have posted pictures and home video footage of Ms. Harms, along with a video excerpt from "America's Most Wanted" television program, which details her disappearance.

The Web site also allows the public to send messages to Ms. Harms' family and donate contributions to the "Jeanine Sanchez-Harms Reward Fund." So far, contributions have allowed the family to offer $10,000 for information leading to Ms. Harms' return.

The Rock Bottom Brewery has offered to sponsor a "Find Jeanine Foundation Dinner" to raise reward funds and allow friends and family to gather and discuss the ongoing search for Ms. Harms. The Web site allows people to RSVP for the dinner.

Along with a link to contact police about the case, the site also links to major news sources that have run Ms. Harms' story in hopes someone will come forward with new information.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation should contact the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Dept. at (408) 354-8600.

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