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Items Missing from Jeanine's House

(Click on image for a larger version of the picture)

  1. Couch Cushions- Each cushion is approximately 22" long X 22" wide X 6" high.

    Missing Couch Photo 1 Missing Couch Photo 2 Missing Couch Photo 3
  2. Couch Cover - This is a photo of a similar type of couch cover, but it is not exact. The floral pattern and colors are very similar.

  3. Cell Phone. People have described the phone as being a Nokia, model unknown. Jeanine had put a colored face plate on the phone, so the front was a bright glitter color possibly purple, red, or blue. This photo is not the actual phone, but a very similar model.

  4. Purse - No photo available. The purse was described as being "black" with a short handle. No make, model, type of material was available.
  5. Watch - No photo available. The watch was described as being silver in color, with a round clock face, the face had numbers printed on it (as opposed to roman numerals), and it had a metallic stretch band. Jesus Sanchez thought he paid $50 for the watch at Safeway (located at 1600 Saratoga Ave in San Jose). LGPD detectives talked to the Safeway manager and he said that they sell watches only once a year for a "three day sale". He did not know who made the watches or who the vendor was for the watches. The manager thought that the watches only cost $19.99.

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